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Founded in 2020, Pam's Brownies was born from the deep affection Pam's sons had for her homemade brownies.


As word spread, friends and locals couldn't resist the delectable allure of Pam's creations. Encouraged by their overwhelming support, she decided to take her passion online and share her extraordinary brownies with a broader audience.


Since then, we've been shipping our luxurious brownies across the UK and partnering with businesses to spread the indulgence even further.

Today, from our base in Somerset, our mission is to bring moments of pure bliss and delight to chocolate lovers nationwide. Every package we send is a testament to the love and care that Pam poured into her original recipes. Join us on this mouthwatering journey as we continue to share our exceptional treats and make life a little sweeter for everyone.


"You can’t beat Pam’s Brownies! Not only are they absolutely delicious, they are perfectly packaged too. Every tiny bit of detail has been thought of. I will definitely be ordering again!"

─ Will Broad


“Absolutely delicious brownies! Perfect little chocolatey bites, it’s so hard to stop at just one. Lovely packaging and quick delivery. Would highly recommend!”

─ Andrea Salter


“The best brownies I've ever had. They were the perfect blend of crispy crust and fudgy center."

─ Grant Cooke

A word from our happy customers

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